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As you all know, in today's world, "Information" and "Information Management" has extraordinarily gained a great deal of importance thanks to the information and communication technologies that ease the communication and co-operation inside the company. As a result, it has been widely perceived that Intangible Assets in a company's balance sheet structure play a very significant role among the factors that create the market value of the company and that the information and intellectual capital should be valued on a strategic level.

This portal has been created to provide a simple fast and effective communication medium between Arcelik and its Suppliers. The system has been developed in order to reduce the process costs both for Arcelik Suppliers by exchanging mutually up-to-date reliable and verified data.

Arcelik consider its business relations with the present and potential suppliers a confidential issue and therefore Arcelik will maintain the necessary privacy principles for every information received from its Suppliers through this portal and expect the Suppliers do the same for all of the information received from Arcelik. At the same time Arcelik does not want to accept any information that might be considered confidential from its Suppliers unless a special confidentiality agreement is made.

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